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Ian Mathers An absolutely lovely, moving, humane, wise, oceanic album. This may be all we'll ever get from Family Dynamics, but damn is it ever worthwhile. Favorite track: Downstream.
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The debut album by Family Dynamics. Family Dynamics is Laura Ortman, Shelley Burgon, Ryan Sawyer & Shannon Fields.


released August 15, 2015

All songs written, arranged, performed by Family Dynamics

Recorded by Family Dynamics with the assistance of Eli Walker at The Isokon, Woodstock, NY

Produced by Shannon Fields

Mixed & Mastered by D. James Goodwin at The Isokon, Woodstock, NY

(c) & (p) Family Dynamics, 2012

Special thanks to D. James Goodwin & Eli Walker for donating their expertise, time & equipment to make this happen.

Family Dynamics:
Ryan Sawyer: Voice, drums/percussion, acoustic guitar, melodica
Laura Ortman: Voice, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, violin, sampler, piano
Shannon Fields: Voice, acoustic guitar, synthesizers, keys/MIDI, banjo, mandolin, piano, clarinet, accordion, dulcimer
Shelley Burgon: Voice, harp, sound design, keys, baritone electric guitar, acoustic guitar

** Safe Operations features Matt Lavelle on bass clarinet



all rights reserved


Family Dynamics Brooklyn, New York

If you're ripping/downloading from our streams, please know: there's no active band, no label & no physical copy. We priced this cheap. & you're taking all we have.

A couple years ago Stars Like Fleas came to an end. Some of us kept going as Family Dynamics. Played a bunch of shows. Made this record & didn’t do anything with it…for mostly personal reasons we’re still trying to figure out.
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Track Name: Questions (Invocation)
How are we expecting to pay for all these spies?
How are we expecting to carry all these shoes?
How are we expecting to threaten all these kids?
How are you just leaving Brooklyn with your sister’s bike?
How are we expecting to carry all this light?
Track Name: Safe Operations
Do not expose the instrument to extremes of temperature and humidity.
Unplug the system during thunderstorms.
Take care of your discovery.
Track Name: Faenza
The age we’ve come builds new quiet. Jackets off. A lewd “shhh” small 100 years, the larger parts of custom tops benefit and that’s all, radio spread there out of quiet, quiet static, clear air, waterfall.

Why would you do that? Why would you give us the time if you had time? Bud, there’s none here. We pulled our legs off. And maybe half of us, we pulled our livers out. You made a happening. You made this happen.

We have been hallowed. We have been hollowed out. Cut me down.
Come cut me down.
Track Name: Downstream
Understated or safely in place: one tiny purpose for an hour.
Give me your wallet and hold me a place (one tiny purchase for an hour).

Every once in awhile you say: “everything you own, baby, holds my ghost’s ghost”. Maybe I see. I’m choking at the thought that’s sullenly surrounding us, baby: what extends you maybe hates me. I’m writing this down and writing off what we hold. Baby, some songs bring you nothing. Break this off.

Signed away, and all of that time there was no time to play (no, there was no time). And every day on tour I thought of those lines. One of these days I’m sure I’ll give it the time it deserves.

Let’s go driving for an hour. What pretends to maybe foresee a glimpse of getting old, with everything astounding us? What an anthem (maybe) we’ll be!

I’m writing this down and writing up what we stole.

Help me wonder nothing: sign me up.
Track Name: Rushing Down
All under cover (like a spoon over one eye):
Cold pirate lovers blush in time,
our teeth are running on time,
on 1970’s time
At least we’re counting on time rushing down.
Track Name: Shímásaní
When are you going to leave home, crash your ship into the sea and leave your money to me?

Your eyes fell open to me.

When the sunlight finally hits New York tigers will take over Wall Street and they’ll eat for us lunch and start hedge funds for free.
Remember country roads like me…pray for the sunlight to come out.

I watched you drive off and wanted you gone.

Always forget that we knew how to pet wild animals from certain places beyond these hotels where we stay -- find us easier ways to respectably lose but deposit the check

“Check, check, check…”
Track Name: Punchline
Thanks for that. Have you joined in the Army yet? I got your text…have you killed yourself laughing yet? Whether you do or you don’t, I know that I don’t get you. But whether I do or I don’t, I know that I don’t count.